Archives and Licenses

From time to time life serve up lemons. Ideally, one make lemonade. P’nally I tend to throw the lot out and start all over.

This time I’ve simply added more sugar … enough with the metaphors.

First: the blog has been restructured. There’s now a simple — very simple — index page. There’s no RSS feed, nor is there an Atom file. Sorry about that. All of the one people reading this regularly will be Most Annoyed. The design has been quite heavily simplified.

Secondly: there’s an archive around here somewhere; that’s where you’ll find the stuff from 2009 through 2013. No, there’s nothing beyond 2013 until we get to the present.

Thirdly: the license is now Creative Commons “Attribution–NoDerivatives 4.0” which, translated into Human, means that you can share freely as long as you give credit, but don’t change anything and then share it.

There is, as expected, no fourthly.

2009 — 2013 archive (aka "ye olde stuff")