by Tina Holmboe 4th of September 2010 (archive)

People, and I mean by this the great «them» or «they» as in «they claim … », tend towards episodes of hysteria when discussing the youth of today.

I need, I’m certain, not refer the reader to the well–known quote regarding modern youth so frivolously attributed to Socrates?

Children, and «young adults», appear to be treated as had they few rights, and many duties — not the least of which is being more adult than their parents.

When they fail, they are said to behave badly. Kids do, from time to time, act poorly but must, like all of us, be judged in the context of their age and circumstance.

I just had the great honour of playing host to V’s daughter, and one of her friends, for a week. 16–year–olds are not a normal part of my daily life.

Rarely, if ever, have I had better house–guests. Their behaviour was perfectly appropriate, and their manners better than most adults I know.

Perhaps worth remembering all the good, nice kids in–between the hysterical screaming about all the «bad» ones?

And guys? Thank you for a lovely week. Good luck with college!