Palm Migration

by Tina Holmboe 18th of March 2009 (archive)

For the last ten–or–so odd years I have used the quite excellent Palm portable digital assistant — from the T3 and T5 to, now, the T|X. There is no platform quite like it, and in my less than humble opinion no other which is even remotely useful. It replaces the Filofax solution which, whilst brilliant, is hard to synchronize and back up.

Palm has gotten alot of flak over the years. Most of it appear to be from people who do not use tools, but rather likes the way they are painted. The T|X GUI is an excellent example of a well–designed tool which is available in any colour you want as long as its black. So lets forget them.

The more serious critique come from those who use the tool, use it extensively, and doesn’t really care whether someone else decree the UI is «old–fashioned». Yawn. No, the problems arise with the fact that Palm /isn’t making new models/; one thing is a specially designed UI which works perfectly, another is lack of support for SDHC and similar.

What I, and others, would like to see is a Palm T|X sized unit with a higher resolution screen, SDHC support, and 3G circuits. That would be the ultimate portable computer.

And we’ll get the Prē. So I have started a small project at my company, Greytower, to migrate our Palm–based applications to something new. There’s not much to chose from, alas. Windows Mobile is too slow; too proprietary. Research in Motion, again, to closed. Apple? Their units are far too lacking in capabilities. So we are looking very hard at Symbian, in particular Symbian 9.4 S60 5th edition. More will follow as I go down this, for us, entirely new path.