Package Woes

by Tina Holmboe 2th of September 2010 (archive)

I love tech.

Amazon (UK) sends my package of books — all private — to DHL, which ships it to Staufenberg in Germany. Amazon provide me with a tracking ID, which DHL subsequently refuse to acknowledge exists.

The package, then, exist in limbo. I know it got to Staufenberg, which, uh, isn’t in Sweden where I am. But ok. Just, uh again, where in blazes are my books?

In the meantime, elsewhere, actually in Sweden, I’ve got a notice from the Royal Swedish Post that, wee, they are holding a package for me. A business package, no less, which has to be picked up from a special collecting centre. Yet, uh for the third time, my company has not ordered anything lately …

Perhaps the notice helps? Well, the item ID number — basically yet another tracking number — is empty. The «From» field, however, is covered by a sticker with what looks like such a number and which the Post website can actually track.

We’re getting somewhere, even if I still can’t see who the darn thing is actually from.

Except … on the 27th of August a package arrived at «UPK Malmö» – a phrase which, through Google, returns a number of «what the heck is … » results. I concur. The Royal Swedish Mail site has no knowledge of the term «UPK» at all.

The package did arrive from Germany, however. They can’t tell me from whom, or by which carrier. The weight is available — but since Amazon doesn’t list that, and DHL claims they’ve never seen the thing, I’m stuck.

Technology is amazing.

It’s likely my books. Should I just go pick it up, you think? ;)